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The Church and the Cross

February 17, 1952

The Church and the Cross

The Lady is there again. She comes very close to me, and says, “Listen carefully and tell the theologians and peoples of this world to interpret my message well and to seek to understand it. The Lord Jesus Christ came and brought the Church and the Cross as a gift from the Lord and Creator. The Church is, and will remain. The Lord and Creator desires gratitude from the creature. The Church is the community of peoples who shall adore and honor the Lord and Creator, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. All those who have been placed over the community shall see to it that the Church remains and expands.”


The Time Has Come


“This time is Our time. The Lord and Creator deems it necessary to give the Church a warning through the Lady of All Nations. The time has come. Tell this to the theologians. The Church, Rome, is now getting its chance. All Christians of this time are responsible for their descendants.

Tell the Pope it is all right. By the will of her Lord and Master the Lady of All Nations will assist him. The Pope will carry everything through. This Pope is the fighter and the Holy Father of the Christians of today and the future. Nations hereafter will revere him. He will be taken up among Us.

The Church is, and she shall remain. Doctrine is, and it shall remain. The form and laws, however, can be changed through the intercession of the Holy Spirit. Tell this to your theologians. Christ, the Son of the Father, also brought the Cross into this world with Him. With the Cross came the Sacrifice.”


The Handmaid of the Lord


Now the Lady remains there in silence for a long time. Then she says, “The Lord and Master chose a woman called Miriam, or Mary, from among all peoples. She would, by the will of the Father, bring the Son of Man into the world with His Church and the Cross. The Lady was the Handmaid of the Lord. She brought forth the Son of Man by the will of the Father, and thus was necessarily allied with the Church and the Cross. The Lady stands here before you in this time as the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.


Understand the following words well: the Lady of All Nations may and shall bestow Grace, Redemption and Peace upon all the peoples of this world who have recourse to her. You, however, shall all bring the Lady of All Nations throughout the entire world.”


The Sign of the Lady


Now the Lady points at the globe. I see the globe rotating under her feet, and snowflakes are falling thickly everywhere. Then the Lady says, “Did you see this? The Lady of All Nations will be brought throughout the world in the same way, from town to town, from country to country. This simple prayer will create one community.


Ask your bishop whether he would agree to have the prayer brought forth in its entirety: ‘May the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary, be our Advocate.’ Tell your bishop that the Lady of All Nations shall help and assist him; that the spreading really must be carried out. Say that the time has not yet come; that the Lady of All Nations first has to be brought throughout the whole world. The sign of the Lady of All Nations will later on be seen throughout the entire world. Let them understand this well. False powers will fall.”


With the Cross in Your Hand


The Lady waits a long time again and then says, “The Church, Rome, shall devote its attention to the peoples of this world. The sheep must be gathered into one fold. You Christian people, each of you personally, take the Cross in hand.”


As the Lady says this, it is as if she picks up that Cross and lets it be seen.

“With that Cross in your hand you will possess the Kingdom. With that Cross in your hand you will encounter your neighbor. With that Cross in your hand you will vanquish your foe.

Thus shall the Christian people of this world feel themselves one with the Church and the Cross.

The Remembrance of the Lord Jesus Christ has to be brought among the peoples more. Bishops, you can see to this. You can have the Sacrifice celebrated in a more communal way. Understand these words well.”


Grace, Redemption and Peace


Once again the Lady pauses, and then she says, “Christian people have been warned. All of you, place yourselves under the Cross and the Sacrifice, and the heathens will not overpower you.

I ask bishops and priests to assist this world, this humanity. I shall help them. The Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, will bring the Holy, True Spirit––if all of you ask for it. Once again I say: the Lady of All Nations can and will bring Grace, Redemption and Peace.


And now I speak to you, child. See to the outspreading. Work for this alone, and give spiritual and bodily help by saying the prayer of the Lady of All Nations. Come before this image and implore. I will, when the time has arrived, give a message about this image. Say this. Say that this image is meant for everyone.”


Now the Lady slowly goes away.

Invoke the Lady of All Nations

March 19, 1952

The Pope Will Receive His Sign

I am sitting before the painting, praying for the Pope. Suddenly a voice starts speaking, and I see the Lady of All Nations standing before me. She is very serious and says, “Tell the Pope that he will receive his sign from the Lady of All Nations. The Church, Rome, will face a great struggle. Before the year 2000 arrives, much will have been changed within the Church, the community. The essence, however, will remain.”


One Fold


Then I see, so to speak, the sheep running confusedly all around the globe. Many are fleeing. It is as if the flock is splitting up. The Lady points at it and says, “Do you see that? The Church, the sheep, have been scattered and still more will take to flight. The Lady of All Nations, however, will bring them back into one fold.”


It is now as if the Lady would try to bring the entire flock back together again with her hands, and in a soft and sad voice she again says, “Into one fold.”


Invoke the Lady of All Nations


“Ask your bishop to invoke the Lady of All Nations, and I will give him his sign. Everyone invoke the Lady of All Nations. And you, child, come before this image and pray as long as you can.”


And then all of a sudden the Lady is gone.


June 15, 1952

The Great Action

“Here I am again, the Lady of All Nations.” Now the Lady looks at me for a long time without speaking. Then she says, “In the previous message I gave you the meaning of ‘The Lady of All Nations’. Today I have come to tell you: the great action of the Lady of All Nations has to begin now. Bring the messages into the world. The Lady of All Nations shall help you and all those who fight for this. The great action shall begin. This image will precede. Later on there will be no nation without the Lady of All Nations. This title begins now. This time is Our time.”




Now the Lady gazes before herself for a long time. Then she starts speaking again, saying,
“The Lady, who once was Mary…At the departure of the Lord Jesus Christ coredemption first began. It was not until the departure of the Lord Jesus Christ that she became the Mediatrix and Advocate. At the departure of the Lord Jesus Christ He gave the nations the Lady of All Nations. Now the time has come for her to bring this title into the world. Tell this to your theologians. Tell your bishop that I am satisfied. The prayer has now been brought forth correctly. Tell those who are cooperating that all people have to pray the prayer.”


With One Accord


“Let the regular and secular clergy work together. In other matters, too, they will have to come closer together. After all, you are all apostles of the Master. Seek and find one another. If the apostles are divided in their views, how can the peoples be one?


I implore and ask the Church of Rome: fight in this time with one accord for the one Truth, the Lord and Creator of this world, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This time is the time of the Holy Spirit. All of you, ask the Holy Spirit to bring the True Spirit over the world. The world is degenerating. The great ones of this world strive for power. The great ones of this world think only in materialistic terms. People are being scattered and misled.”


Now the Lady points at the globe. I see confusion and unrest among the peoples. The Lady says, “Just look over all these countries. Nowhere unity, nowhere peace, nowhere tranquility for the peoples. Everywhere tension, everywhere anxiety. The Lord Jesus Christ allows this. His time will come. Beforehand there will be a time of unrest. Humanism, paganism, atheists, snakes––beforehand they will try to rule this world.”


See to the Outspreading


“Today I have come to say that the great action against all this has to begin. And now I am speaking to your theologians and say: indeed, recognize the seriousness of this cause. And to those whom I chose at the beginning of this cause, I say: help with all your means and see to the outspreading, everyone in one’s own way. Now the time is at hand, the time of the Lady of All Nations. I shall help them.”


For a long time again the Lady says nothing and looks at me intently. Then she says, “To you, child, I still have this to say: you have a great task to accomplish. Have courage; have no fear. The Lady of All Nations is standing here before you. This image is to remain here for the time being. The Lady will give the sign.”


Then the Lady goes slowly away.

Love Embraces Everything

October 5, 1952

Three Thoughts, One Whole

“Here I am again. I have come to bring a special message. Pass on everything well.
Never has Miriam, or Mary, officially been called Coredemptrix in the community, in the Church. Never has she officially been called Mediatrix. Never has she officially been called Advocate. These three thoughts belong closely together. These three thoughts form one whole. That is why this will be the keystone of Marian history; thus will this become the dogma of Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. And I am not reproaching theologians now as I say: why can’t you agree about this dogma? I will explain it yet again and make it even clearer.”


From the Beginning


“The Father sent the Lord Jesus Christ as Redeemer for all peoples. The Lord Jesus Christ was this from the beginning. He became this at the Sacrifice and at His departure to the Father.

Miriam, or Mary, became the Handmaid of the Lord, chosen by the Father and the Holy Spirit. At the beginning she was––by this election––the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate of all nations. Only at the departure of the God-Man, the Lord Jesus Christ, did she become the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.


At the departure of the Lord Jesus Christ, He gave Miriam, or Mary, to the nations in one act, giving her as ‘The Lady of All Nations’. For He spoke the words, ‘Woman, behold your son; son, behold your mother.’ One act, and by this Miriam, or Mary, received this new title.”


The Other Dogmas


“How is it that this is entering the world only now: ‘The Lady of All Nations’? Because the Lord has awaited this time. The other dogmas had to precede, just as her life first had to precede the Lady of All Nations. All the dogmas that preceded comprise the life and the departure of the Lady. For the theologians this simple explanation will be sufficient. It was necessary to give this explanation once again.”


The Burdensome Task of the Pope


“Now I ask you, child, to keep listening carefully. Tell all who are placed over you and are cooperating that the time is now dawning. Do not be afraid; you will get to your Holy Father. Do not be afraid, the Lady of All Nations will give him his sign. Then tell the Pope that he is the fighter, the pioneer for this new time.”


It is as if I again see a hall in the Vatican. Many clerics are together there with all sorts of papers before them. Then I suddenly see the Holy Father again, alone. He too has many papers before him.


The Lady says, “Tell the Pope that the Lord and the Lady will assist him in his difficult and burdensome task, that he should prepare and carry out everything for the coming times. He knows what I mean.”


The Lady says this with a very special intonation as if speaking about the future, “This time is Our time. A burdensome task is resting upon his shoulders. He shall check whether everything which he says and wants of the community, the Church, is being carried through. Tell him that. You, child, will get there, and do not hesitate or be afraid to say all this, all this which the Lady of All Nations has come to say. For she is the one who brought these messages. She only wants you to be the instrument and to obey her.”


Empty Hands


Now I inwardly tell the Lady that I have nothing to offer. I don’t understand why she is choosing me for this. Then the Lady says, “You are telling me that you have only empty hands to offer. The Lady is only asking you to pass these messages on to those who need them. The Lady will do the rest. Be faithful. Help the people who are in need, and by this I mean: spiritual needs. You can help by saying this prayer. More is not expected. Tell your spiritual director to be at peace, that everything is all right. The Lady will help him too.”


Priests and Religious


“Now I am speaking to all priests and religious. All of you are apostles and handmaids of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” As the Lady is saying this, I see a great number of priests and religious standing before her. There is a sudden change in her bearing, her voice and her figure, which is otherwise very beautiful and lofty. It is as if the Lady is now standing there as a mother, an ordinary mother speaking to her children. She says, “Now the Lady is not reproaching you. She knows she has human beings before her. It is hard for you in this time, but act in the Spirit of your Lord and Master Jesus Christ. He went before you as God, as Man.”


Unity Among One Another


“Be apostles among one another. For you are all one. Each of you must see to being an apostle. Be of one mind among one another. How can the community, the Church, be large and one if you are divided among one another? Be warned, and try to be honest and good to one another. No, the Lady is not reproaching you, but she has come, as a good mother, to warn the apostles of the Church about false prophets, about the wrong spirit. Everyone pray the prayer which I have given. The Lady of All Nations has been sent specifically in this time in order to conquer spiritual decline, degeneration. You who are in spiritual need, come to the Lady of All Nations and she will help.”


Love Embraces Everything


“Next I tell the apostles of this time: be broad-minded, be mild. Be good to people. Condemn and judge just as the Lord Jesus Christ did. Understand your time, understand the fight. Be aware that the spirit is fighting. This is the time of the spirit. The fight is hard and difficult, but the True Spirit will triumph, provided that all of you cooperate. Church of Rome, seize your opportunity.

The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit now wants to make His Church large. Understand your doctrine well. It is necessary for the Lady to come and say all of this. Remember the first and greatest commandment: Love. That embraces everything.”


Amsterdam and the Image. The Dominicans


“And now, lastly, I speak to N. I am content with you. The Lord asked three sacrifices of you. Now the Lady has come to ask something of you. This image was your gift to the Lady. This image, however, is destined for all people, for everyone who wants to come to the Lady of All Nations. Give them this image. It is the Lady’s wish that this image go to the Netherlands and in particular to Amsterdam. The Lady has her special reason for this. To Amsterdam, the city of the Miracle, the Lady of All Nations, too, shall come there.


The Netherlands is on its way to degeneration. The Lady still wants to preserve this country from this, and that is why she is placing one foot upon it. She wanted the action to start from here, but she wants the image to be in Amsterdam. Make this sacrifice. Hand it over to the Dominicans. Mark well, the offerings which are given will not be for the Dominicans alone, but for all the needs of the Church. The Lady of All Nations wants to entrust only the image to the care of the Dominicans. It is, however, no special privilege; it is destined for all peoples. Later I will come to speak about this in particular.”


And now the Lady slowly goes away.

The Time is Drawing Near

December 8, 1952

Three Thoughts in One Act

“The message which I have come to bring today is destined for all peoples. I come in this time as the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. In one act the Lord gave Mary these three titles, these three thoughts in one act. This new dogma will be much disputed. That is why I have given you the explanation of it. The time is dawning. Tell the Pope’s Sacrista to inform the Pope. He shall bring him the Lady of All Nations. The Pope shall prepare this dogma and submit it. Say that the time has come. The Holy Spirit must come over this world. The Holy Father shall not hesitate in his decisions, for he is the fighter. I shall give my sign.”


The Time is Drawing Near


“I have said: this image shall precede. This image must go over the whole world. It is the interpretation and illustration of the new dogma. This is why I myself have given this image to the peoples. The prayer will remain until the end. The prayer which Mary as the Lady of All Nations has given to the world will have to be prayed in all churches. Use your modern means for this. Ask permission for this, and it will be granted you. Know well, the time is drawing near.”


The Enemy of Christ


The Lady pauses for a moment, and then says very slowly and clearly, “53.”


Then she looks at the globe on which she is standing and says, “We are on the eve of great decisions. We are on the eve of heavy pressure. The enemy of the Lord Jesus Christ has worked slowly but surely. The posts are manned. His work is almost finished. Peoples, be warned. The spirit of untruth, lies and deceit is dragging many along. The eve is soon to fall.”


While the Lady says this, I feel heavy pressure coming over the world, and it is growing very dark there. It is as if everywhere the posts were manned––it seems to me as if with some sort of demons. I see that they are taking people with them. Whole groups of people are running after them and disappearing. I feel terror and menace coming over me.

The Lady continues to gaze before herself in silence, and then she says, “Great menace is hanging over the world. The churches will be undermined even more.”


Unity in the True Holy Spirit


Again the Lady gazes before herself; then she says, “Realize why I come as the Lady of All Nations. I come in order to bring all nations together in the Spirit, in the true Holy Spirit. People, learn to find the Holy Spirit. Strive after Righteousness, Truth and Love. Do not reject your brothers. Teach them to know the True Spirit. A burdensome task lies upon the people of this time. Authorities, parents, think about the youth.”


I then see large groups of young people. The Lady lets me feel that they are misguided, or not guided at all. It is as if they have gone adrift. The Lady looks very concernedly at all those young people and says, “Bring them to the true Church, the community. It was necessary for the Lord to send His Handmaid Mary in this time as the Lady of All Nations. I am warning the world, and that is why I am bringing this message.”


A Good Mother


“Now once again I speak to the apostles and to all religious.”


I then see many priests standing there. The Lady looks very serious, like a concerned mother, and says, “Listen carefully to a good Mother. She wants to help you too, in this time. Pray this prayer and invoke the intercession of the Lady of All Nations. And she will help you. Be righteous, sincere, and loving among one another. Work together for the great aim: making the Church large. Regular and secular clergy, understand one another; work together for this one aim! After all, you are all the same.”


While the Lady is saying this I see two separated groups: on the one side, the secular clergy in black; and on the other side, all kinds of clergymen with different cassocks and habits. The Lady is standing between them, and then with her hands she brings those two groups together into one group.


Judging and Condemning


Now for a long time the Lady gazes before herself in silence. Then she says very slowly and clearly,
“Know how to judge and condemn just as the Lord Jesus Christ did. The Lady of All Nations cannot repeat these things enough. Listen to my words, which I may give in this anxious time. Now I am speaking to all as I say: you do not know how serious and how difficult this time is.”


Help the Holy Father


And again the Lady pauses without saying anything, while gazing into the distance. Then she says,
“The Pope of Rome has the most burdensome task of all those who went before him.” As she says this, I see many, many Popes of former times with all kinds of head-coverings: large miters, small miters and caps. The Lady says, “People, help the Holy Father. Act according to his example. Follow the encyclicals. Let the world be filled by them, and then the spirit of untruth, lies and deceit will have no chance.”


Now I see the word ‘Encyclicals’ written in large letters above the people.


White and Black


Next I see sheep around the Lady. They are grazing, tumbling about one another or looking up at the Lady with upturned heads. She looks at the sheep about her and then says, “You who have your heads upturned, teach those who are grazing to lift up their heads.”


Then I see all those sheep changing into people. I see whole groups of white people, and lots of black people among them. As the Lady raises her finger, she says very seriously,

“You, white people, recognize the rights of black people. You shall support and help one another.

And the Lady of All Nations is here, everywhere, to help you. For she is the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. This will be the final dogma. Work on it promptly and quickly. The Lady of All Nations promises to help the world if it acknowledges this title, if it invokes her under this title. Make this message known. It is high time. Do not be afraid. I am helping.”


The New Church


“This image will go to the Netherlands, to Amsterdam, and that in 53. It will be placed in the new church, the Lady of All Nations church. It will be entrusted to the care of the Dominicans and be brought temporarily to a chapel or church, the choice of which is left to the clergy and the donor of the painting. The new church, however, has to be built as soon as possible.”


Now the Lady suddenly lets me see the inside of a church.

“This image will be on the altar which is built on the gospel side. On the other side, the epistle side, will be the altar of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”


I see a sculpted image on the gospel side and one on the epistle side, too, but very vaguely, as if they were still veiled. Then I suddenly see a meadow before me, with trees. The Lady says, “Where there is still grass, soon shall be the Lady of All Nations. Tell your bishop that it is the wish of the Lady of All Nations that this church be built there. The Dominican fathers shall care for the outspreading and for this image.”


As the Lady slowly goes away, she says, “I shall grant great favors under this title.”