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The Death of Pope Pius XII

February 19, 1958

Prediction of the Death of Pope Pius XII

Last night I again woke up with a start, because, at exactly three o’clock, I heard someone call me. I saw the light again and heard the voice of the Lady saying,


“Here I am again. The peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. You did well. Of your own free will you chose to bring the message to your spiritual director. This obedience will bear good fruit, which you will experience in a short time. Your spiritual director knows his duty. You may be at ease. I shall make an announcement that you may not tell anyone about, including the Sacrista and your spiritual director. When it has happened, you may tell them that the Lady told it to you at this time. The announcement is:


Listen. This Holy Father, Pope Pius XII, will be taken up among Us at the beginning of October of this year. The Lady of All Nations, the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, will lead him to eternal joy.”

I was shocked at this announcement and hardly dared to believe it. The Lady said, “Do not be frightened, child. His successor will proclaim the dogma.”


I thanked the Lady and she said very solemnly, “Amen.”

A Heavenly Experience

May 31, 1958

A Heavenly Experience

We were sitting together and talking when all at once I saw a bright light appear in the adjacent room. I did not see the Lady. Then it was as if a veil were lifted from before my eyes, and I experienced a heavenly, a supernatural state. I had the feeling that someone was present, someone tremendously mighty, great and pure. As I knelt down, high-pitched, exquisite music sounded in my ears, and the room was completely filled with light. It shone so brightly that I was compelled to fold my hands on my breast and bow deeply. I didn’t dare look into it––nor could I. But suddenly I did look; I cannot possibly express what I saw. It was something heavenly, if, in all humility, I may say so. Then it was as if it were concealed by a veil, and I could no longer see it. And then I saw the Lady, but far away. She looked so kind and dear. She spoke to me very softly. I couldn’t repeat after her at all; I had no voice. The first part she said without pausing, while looking at me. I thought, if only I could remember it all. I think the Lady understood me, because she smiled and repeated the first part. Then I nodded ‘yes’.


The Lady said, “Through the Lord to the Lady; through the Lady of All Nations to the Lord of All Nations. This contact will continue. Warn the clergy of false doctrines, particularly concerning the Eucharist. Pass this on to the Sacrista. Say that the Lady asks him to take you to the pontiff. Again, pray much for good priests and vocations, and that peoples search their hearts. But …”


In All Tranquility I Shall Return to Him


Suddenly the Lady stopped and made a gesture with her head as if she wanted to say: listen, repeat after me. All at once I recovered my voice. The Lady said, “In all tranquility I came. In all tranquility I shall return to Him who sent me.”


As she said this, she moved upwards very slowly, further and further away. I felt: she is leaving me. This made me very sad, and I began to cry. The Lady said, “Do not be sad. I will not leave you orphans. He, the Comforter and Helper, will come.”


Build Here One Community


Then the Lady slowly disappeared, and I heard her say, “Listen, follow the light.”


All at once the light went out of the room. I sought it in the adjacent room, but it went ahead of me to the front door of our house. I went after it, into the street. It went ahead of me to the Wandelweg. All of a sudden it stood still. I was searching the ground when I heard the voice say, “What are you looking for?”


Then, between two clouds, I saw the Lady with Cross, globe and sheep. She herself was standing in the clear, blue sky. As she moved upwards very slowly, I heard her say,
“This is the place of my return to Him. Build here one community for all nations.”

Then a large, luminous cloud moved across her, and I saw her no more. But while she was still going up in a haze, there appeared in place of her––I cannot express it otherwise––a large Holy Host, radiant with light, very large. Three beams of light emanated from the Holy Host: in the center a beam of magnificent colors; to both the left and right, a beam of wonderful, brilliant light. At the end of the right one there was a Cross, and at the end of the left one, a Dove, but glorified, spiritual I would say. Then everything went away very slowly.