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Apparitions and Messages of Our Lady in Amsterdam?

The devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary as “The Lady of All Nations” originated in Amsterdam, as the fruit of apparitions from Our Lady to a young Dutch woman at the end of World War II. 

Initially, the local bishop at the time was skeptical. Later, he changed his mind and took a positive position. In 1974, however, the Vatican followed his initially negative judgment, and issued a statement in which public devotion was prohibited, because a supernatural origin was not established at that time (Non constat de supernaturalitate). 

Later, the Vatican modified its position and allowed the public veneration. In 1996, the then local bishop officially communicated this to the faithful. In 2002, his successor approved the apparitions as in essence consisting of a supernatural origin (constat de supernaturalitate). 

Eighteen years later in 2020, however, the new local bishop, at the request of the Vatican Congregation, issued a letter in which he withdrew the approval of authenticity by his predecessor. He, nonetheless, allowed the public devotion of the Lady of All Nations title, the image, and the prayer. 

Although the new rationale and procedure is debatable, we respect and obey the new ruling, for as long as it stands. Because the Vatican Holy Office, under the authority of Pope Saint Paul VI, declared in June 1966 that there are no longer forbidden books,  the sole purpose of this website is to provide accurate information of the reported events and messages of Amsterdam for research and examination. The following summary of the reported message, originally written in essence over a decade before the new ruling, is presented here for that purpose.

How it all started 

It is March 25, 1945.  A young woman in Amsterdam, Ida Peerdeman, is gathered with her sisters around the pot-bellied stove.  A priest friend of the family, Fr. Frehe, is presently visiting. As they are in lively talk, suddenly something strange happens.  Ida sees an overwhelming light. Her surroundings seem to disappear. From that light, a beautiful feminine figure comes forward and begins to communicate with Ida.  This would be the first of 56 apparitions that would continue until 1959.

"I am the Woman, Mary, Mother of All Peoples"

The Heavenly Woman would later mention her name: “I am the Woman, Mary, Mother of All Peoples.”  She explains that the Father and the Son have send her in order to help humanity.  She warns the world of “degeneration, disasters, and war,” and the danger of a third “world catastrophe.” She wants to save the peoples of the upcoming world and unfolds [reveals?] her plan of salvation.  

“The signs are in my words”

The messages then start with several social and political predictions.  Specifically, in our own time, these messages reveal a staggering fulfillment, and are becoming more and more identifiable.  These predictions, however, are meant only as a sign of authenticity. The essence of the message is spiritual and reveals a way to spiritual renewal and peace.


Ida Peerdeman experienced profound Eucharistic graces from 1958-1984 .

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Read the reported messages of The Lady of All Nations for research and examination.

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Peace Through A Woman - Narrated by Martin Sheen

Peace Through A Woman - Narrated by Martin Sheen

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