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February 2, 1974

During Holy Mass (in the Chapel on Diepenbrockstraat) I saw “the Light” coming at the Offertory. This time it was a peculiar, “heavenly Light” that not only shone over the altar and the priest, but radiated all over us. I heard: “The Light is radiating all over you.”


When receiving “Our Lord,” I saw a heavenly vision and heard: “Look at your world, at the earth.”


And I saw darkness, destruction, barrenness and havoc and heard: “Your earth is dark, torn and split up, parched and ruined.”


Over the earth I now distinctly saw a Star of David. Suddenly, it began rotating. At first the Star was fronting me and then it was as if it made a half turn, rotating all the time. After that, the Star came again in front of me and stood still.


And now on the left of that Star I saw a lunar crescent and on the right a hammer and sickle. Above this appeared a crescent em­bracing a star and under all this came a huge bull with horns; he stood on the left, and on the right stood an eagle and under this bird a winged Person with on his right a lion and a lamb in their midst.


All these images, Star of David, moons, hammer and sickle and beasts, began rotating at random; things swam before my eyes.


Down there on the earth I saw stone tablets, inscribed with letters. They were thrown to pieces. I heard the heavy blows and became very sad in my heart.


Then the whole image disappeared and I heard:


“Watch carefully.”


And I saw the sky changing from black into a magnificent deep blue firmament. The earth was lying pure and peaceful beneath. “The Light” was shining splendidly and I heard:


“Look up.”


And in the sky I saw a bright, large, heavenly Star, radiating like the most pure diamond. It sparkled in all directions and beamed a glorious light all over the earth. I heard “the Voice” again:


“Now I am speaking to you, My Church, My Community, Listen carefully. Bring back your young people to Her Whom I have sent. Support your bishops and priests in the true Spirit, in the right Ecumenism, but mind you, in the good sense.”


These last words resounded in the air as a call. And “the Voice” continued:


“Only then the earth will find calm and peace again. “

This was quite a relief to me and I heaved a deep sigh. Now, first the vision and then “the Light” faded away. The priest gave us the blessing, Holy Mass was just about to end.

February 11, 1974

During Holy Mass (in the Chapel on Diepenbrockstraat) “the Light” came over the priest and the altar at the Offertory. 1 felt as if “the Light” enclosed and captured me totally. Never before had I had such an experience. When receiving “Our Lord” I had a heav­enly vision. I saw a large window, enclosed in frames, with a shut­ter on either side.

Suddenly the shutters were closed, but after a while they opened again and all at once many white pigeons flew out. They each car­ried a white letter in their beaks. They flew to the four quarters of heaven and I heard the flapping of their wings.

After a short time they all came back and flew into the open window. The shutters were closed and the window disappeared slowly out of view.

Thereafter, I saw two more scenes.

Looking up, it was as if I were looking into heaven.

Apparently a feast was going on there, for I heard heavenly music and singing. Below that scene I saw a cathedral crowded with people. They started singing the Te Deum. I understood only these words, as the music and the singing blended together. I was listening, while “the Light” and the vision slowly disappeared.

March 25, 1974

At the Offertory, during Holy Mass (in the Chapel on Diepenbrockstraat) “the Light” came over the altar and the priest.

Afterwards, “the Light” grew stronger and brighter and spread over all who were present.
After the “Lord’s Prayer” I had a heavenly vision. It was an Oriental scene. A town full of domes and Oriental people. Then I saw heaven opening above and I heard a “Voice” speaking:

“Watch well what I’ll show you.”

The “Voice” stopped for a moment and then continued:


“And you, understand all this well.”


It seemed to me that these words were directed to other people.


The Oriental scene vanished and in front of me appeared a large wall, somewhat round-shaped. It was built with huge, rough stones. Suddenly, I heard a tremendous noise and I saw the wall crumbling off. I heard the stones falling with thunderous violence. It seemed to be thrown down, but I saw no one.


Then people who were not of our time, appeared. They car­ried the huge stones away one by one and started building. When they had finished, I saw it was an altar. And on the altar a fire was burning.

Inwardly I heard: “The Altar of Sacrifice.”


People were lying prostrated on the ground in front of the altar.


On a closer look at that altar of huge stones, I saw that is was not stones and that the altar was built of very old books. I saw the backs of these old books. They looked like stones.
Then a haze came over all this and I heard call three times:


“Nineveh, Nineveh, Nineveh!”


Heaven closed and the whole image disappeared from my view. Next a large, white, round disc appeared in front of me; it was divided by black lines and looked like a clock. A big hand pointed to the last part as if it were five to twelve. And I heard:


“Watch well and understand this aright. The period I let announce Her is approaching the end, but…”

And I heard the cracking of a whip, which sounded so terrible that I shrank together as it were.

Then I saw three Popes standing in front of me. On the left Pius X, on the right Pius XII, they both stood in “the Light.” In their midst stood Pope Paul VI alive with his hands inviting.

After that I saw an altar as we have nowadays and I heard: “Watch well.”


Suddenly, I saw the altar built of many new books. I saw the backs of these new books. Then heaven opened and an invisible hand placed a Chalice on the altar. Hovering over it came a large, beauti­ful, bright Sacred Host. From heaven I heard “the Voice” saying:


“The Sacrifice of My Son.”


I saw the Chalice and the Sacred Host growing larger and brighter and rising slowly until they disappeared into heaven. Heaven closed for a moment and then opened again. The Sacred Host was now standing majestically in the centre of heaven. It broke open and a tremendous “Light” burst from it. Something told me:


“Threefold and yet One.”


Then a spiritualized Dove darted from that “Light” and floated towards the earth. I heard inwardly:


“And the earth is as renewed and reborn.”


I heard the flourish of trumpets and I saw them being held by invisible hands.


At the end, all things faded away and “Our Lord” was still unconsumed on my tongue. Now just the following words came across my lips: “Greatest God, I thank You in the name of all mankind for showing us all this.” I do not know how these words came to me.

Holy Mass was over and I heard the blessing of the priest.

May 31, 1974

During Holy Mass (in the Chapel on Diepenbrockstraat) while we were reciting the “Creed,” I heard a powerful sound. It came to me from four directions. I saw “the Light” coming slowly over the altar and the priests and then spreading over all who were present. It was a beautiful, heavenly “Light” and it stayed till the end of Holy Mass.


On receiving “Our Lord” I felt that the Sacred Host began moving on my tongue and I heard:


“Come, follow Me, don ‘t fear. I am the Lord, your God.”


And I saw a “Radiant Figure” going ahead of me. I had to follow and came to a valley. Over this valley I saw clouds and the “Radiant Figure” rose upwards into the clouds. From there His “Voice” sounded:

“Among you there are those who have betrayed Me again. Watch well and understand.”

On the ground in that valley, I now saw a monstrous head look­ing around in all directions. It had long tentacles and I counted seven of them. On the head were horns and I counted seven of them too. It also had hideous, protruding eyes.


Horsemen were coming from four sides. They rushed into the valley. They had whips in their hands and cracked them so sharply in the air that it hurt my ears. I had to count again and found there were seven.


Then the valley filled with people. They came from four sides. The horsemen whipped the backs of these people, who winced in pain.


Suddenly, these people turned into snakes and vipers. The horse­men beat and pushed them into large baskets, which shut themselves. Next, vultures came flying into the valley from four sides. They were searching on the ground, but were chased off by the horsemen. This scene disappeared and there was silence around me. Then I again heard “the Voice” calling from the clouds:


“Only after all this has happened…!”


And then I heard a clock chiming and I counted twelve strokes, the “Voice” spoke:


“Watch well and understand.”


In the centre of that valley I now saw a spring. A beautiful, impressive stag came walking along and began to drink from the water. From heaven a beautiful beam of light fell down upon the stag. This vision also disappeared and “the Voice” echoed all over the valley:


“Ye nations, watch what has happened. You had the Lady, your Mother in your midst. She will not come again, so you will not see Her anymore. But I will send you the Giver of Life, the Strong One, the Holy Spirit, Whom your Lady, your Mother was allowed to announce. Keep praying be­fore Her image and I shall work miracles.”


From the clouds I saw a pointing finger which beckoned me, and I heard:


“Come and follow Me. “


Then the clouds burst open above the valley and I saw that “Radiant Figure” rising and floating into heaven.


As for me, I had to pass through a golden gate. On entering I saw and heard that a feast was going on and I saw a magnificent vision. Heavenly music sounded and all heavenly beings were lin­ing up in tiers around a heavenly Throne. Again, I had to look at the valley and I saw all the nations of the earth gathered there. They, too, were celebrating a feast. I heard the Prayer of the Lady being said both in heaven and in the valley, and the Lord spoke:


“Tell them that it is all right.”

Apparently, the Lady celebrated a feast. Then the Lord spoke again and said:


“I'll send you the Holy Spirit. He will reign over the na­tions, but not… before all that has happened what She, the Lady, was allowed to announce by My will.”


And now I saw a bishop and priests and heard:


“And you, perform your duty and do what is wanted of you.”


Then I saw the Pope. He stood smiling at us with open arms. Once again I heard that heavenly music and heaven closed. I had “Our Lord” still unconsumed on my tongue and I said inwardly: “Lord, I am not worthy.”


Holy Mass was already over.

During Benediction, I was leading the Rosary. In the midst of the first decade an enormous “Light” came over all of us, and I felt strongly: “The Lady is here.”


After Benediction, a group of pilgrims arrived from Brussels. They had come by bus and wanted to pray near the Picture. They asked me to lead a decade in prayer. And again I saw “the Light” shining over all these people.

June 9, 1974

On Trinity Sunday at the Consecration, I saw a beautiful “Light” coming over the altar. “The Light” was threefold, as I could clearly distinguish, and yet it was one “Light.” It seemed to me that one “Light” overshadowed the other and they became one large, beau­tiful, heavenly “Light.”

June 13, 1974

When I received “Our Lord” on Corpus Christi day, the Sa­cred Host began to move on my tongue. It remained unconsumed. Meanwhile, up to three times, I tasted drinks of delicious water and heard inwardly:

“Eat and drink this, all of you, and you will enter the gate.”


I had to swallow down that sweet liquid three times, and only then I could consume the Sacred Host.


After that “the Light” 1 had seen all the time, slowly disappeared.

August 15, 1974

During Holy Mass, at the Creed, “the Light” came over the altar and the priest, and then spread over all of us. It stayed till the end of Holy Mass.


At the Consecration, when the Holy Host was held up by the priest, I saw This radiating on all sides. It was like one large, white fire.


When the Chalice was elevated, brilliant beams like scintillat­ing diamonds came from it.


On receiving “Our Lord” I saw a heav­enly scene. I heard “the Voice” speaking:


“Greetings, My faithful ones.” and then “the Voice” said to me:


“Again I ask you, human being, come, follow Me and en­ter in at the gate.”


I watched and saw a beautiful golden gate in front of me. On entering at the gate, I saw a powerful heavenly “Light.” “The Voice” spoke to me and said:


“The test has been withstood. Tell them that all things will come to a happy ending.”


I don’t know why, but I answered inwardly: “Dear Lord, I thank You.” Still standing in that “Light” I saw lips crossed by a finger and I heard “the Voice” speaking aloud:


“And you, My Shepherd, (I now saw a Pope) before you ‘II come to Us, I wish to ask you to bring Her, whom I have sent as ‘the Lady of All Nations’ into the Church, the Com­munity. This task belongs to your Primacy.”


A Cross came before me, which grew brighter and brighter. Then I saw a bishop and, in a flash, the image of another bishop. “The Voice” said:


“And you, you shall help him. Don’t fear, it is ‘the Lord,’ Who asks this of you.”


After these words I saw many people gathering round the Holy Father and I heard:


“The world is in distress. Bring Her who had to precede everything, into the world. Be faithful, don’t fear.”


Now all things changed before my eyes, and I viewed into the distance. Again I heard “the Voice” saying:


“Look what has happened.”


And I saw a completely renewed Church.


“This is for the future,” I heard; and inwardly I was told, “and yet essentially nothing has been changed.”


The heavenly “Light” disappeared out of sight, Holy Mass was over and “Our Lord” was still unconsumed on my tongue.

September 8, 1974

During Holy Mass, at the words: “Holy, Holy, Holy,” “the Light” came over the altar and the priest.

At the Consecration, when the Sacred Host was held up for ado­ration, “the Light” became threefold and I heard “the Voice” say:


“Once more I tell you, take care of the Transubstantiation.”


The “Threefold Light” constantly radiating at random, stayed till the end of Holy Mass.

On receiving “Our Lord” I saw a heavenly vision and noticed a deep heavenly silence. Then, after a while, I heard “the Voice” saying:


“Follow Me…and you, understand aright.” (the last words were directed to others.)

I saw two roads before me. One road turned to the left and at its end was a deep black chasm or cavern. The other road went straight on. The left road was overcrowded with all kinds of people and the road itself seemed to be black and black clouds hung over it. “The Voice” sounded strongly:


“You are going the wrong road, now it is still time to re­turn.”


People turned their heads as if they were listening to find out from where that “Voice” was speaking. But many people walked stubbornly straight on, head uplifted. Many others, however, turned round and came back. “The Voice” spoke again:


“Come and follow Me.”


Now I saw a “Radiant Figure” going ahead of me on that straight road. He had a big key in his hand. The road filled up with people, – clergymen, men, women, youngsters – and everyone followed us. At the end of the road, the “Radiant Figure” stopped.


He had arrived at a large beautiful door and put the key in the lock. The door opened slowly. “The Voice” spoke:


“Please come in.”


All around me was Light and through that Light I saw one large Community. There was joy inside and I heard:


“This is the Church, the Community opening.”


Suddenly the “Threefold Light” was shining over this Church, this Community and I heard:

“The Lady also is there in all Her splendour and glory. She who was born and bore Me in her womb.”

The Lady was inundated by the “Threefold Light” so that I could not see Her, but I could feel Her presence.


The “Radiant Figure” then went outside and pointed to that left-hand road and said:


“Do you see what is lacking with you ?


She, the Lady was not there. It has become an empty, bar­ren desert, bereft of its contents.


Therefore I ask you: retrace your steps. The Lady belongs there. If you consider it in that spirit, your Church will be reborn.”


While these words were said, I saw the Vatican and a Pope. Now I saw a Church, a Community inundated by Light and I had the impression, “a reborn new Church.” It was a splendid heavenly vision and I heard the Prayer of the Lady being said. Again “the Voice” spoke:


“Don’t fear, ‘the Light is shining all over you. And you…” Suddenly I saw a bishop and other men with him.


“Please, do what I wish you to do. The sacrifice has been accepted.”


Inwardly I said: “Thank You, My Lord!”


And everything faded away and Holy Mass was about to end.

“Our Lord” was still unconsumed on my tongue.

November 24, 1974

At the Consecration suddenly “the Light” came over the altar and the priest and then spread over all the people in the Chapel. I heard “the Voice” say:


“Greetings, My Light is shining all over you.”


I felt myself enclosed in “the Light.” When receiving “Our Lord” I heard “the Voice” say:


“My Kingdom is your Kingdom.”


And I saw a heavenly vision of only “Light” in dazzling bright­ness. Meanwhile, “the Voice” spoke again and said:


“Look at this gate.”


In front of me, I saw a black gate and I had to enter at it. Inside there was darkness. I thought that I saw people, but looking atten­tively I saw innumerable folded hands.


Suddenly, I too was stand­ing there with my hands folded. I had to do so. While looking at all those folded hands, I heard inwardly: “tied hands,” and I felt that it was difficult to undo my hands. “The Voice” said:


“Come, follow Me.”


And I went out of that darkness. “The Voice” said:

“Now look.”


And I saw a heavenly golden gate, whilst “the Voice” said once more:


“My Kingdom is your Kingdom.”   


and continued: “I shall bestow Life to life. I shall give you the Bread of Life.”


There was a moment of silence, after which “the Voice” said slowly and clearly:


“My Kingdom will come.”


Then everything faded away. “The Light” disappeared gradu­ally. “Our Lord” was still unconsumed on my tongue. I thanked Him for this vision.

December 8, 1974

At the Offertory “the Light” came over the altar and the priest While “the Light” was spreading over all people, I heard: “/ am the Lord, your God, the Creator.”


Then a second “Light” came and blended with the first one and I heard:


“I am the Lord Jesus Christ, Who bestows Life to life.”


After that a third “Light” appeared, and I heard:


“I am the Holy Spirit, Who has to bring Light into the disorder and the darkness. Be comforted, all of you.” 


While this was being said, I saw the three “Lights” shining all over us as one “Light.”


When receiving “Our Lord” at Holy Communion I heard:


“This is a Sacred Place.”


“The Voice” stopped for a moment and then said:


“Watch well.”


I had to look into the distance, and far away I saw the Church which the Lady had shown me formerly.


I heard:


“Take Me from here to the House of the Lord.”


And now I saw that one Community of all Nations.


Then everything faded away and the “Light” slowly disap­peared. Holy Mass was about to end.


During Benediction on the same day, whilst I was leading the Rosary, I saw “the Light” coming down from the Picture of “the Lady.” The “Light” however, was quite different from the Eucha­ristic “Light” in the morning.


While praying I felt the Lady’s presence, but I could not see Her. “The Light” stayed till the end of Benediction.

January 7, 1975

During Holy Mass I heard calling twice:


In the afternoon, at work, I heard the same call again:    .


January 8, 1975

During Holy Mass I heard again two times: “Lamech.”

Moreover, in the afternoon and at night when viewing televi­sion I heard the call. So, I heard it seven times in all (on the 7th and 8th of January).

February 2, 1975

Already at the very beginning of Holy Mass I saw “the Light” coming over the altar and the priests. It was radiating gloriously, and then it spread slowly all over those present. When receiving “Our Lord” I saw a heavenly vision and heard:


“This is a blessed day…!”


“The Voice” stopped for a while and I heard again, but yet louder:


“Yes, truly, this is a blessed day.” Then “the Voice” said to me:


“Come, follow Me.”


Now I arrived in a plain and saw those “tied hands” which I had already seen before. But this time, they were people with tied hands. “The Voice” sounded again, as if it were echoed all over the world:


“Yes, indeed, this is a blessed day.”


And I saw people falling on their knees in jubilation, whilst their hands got untied. They raised their arms and hands to heaven and an indescribable joy could be felt and be seen on their faces. They all were looking up to heaven.


Heaven opened before my eyes. Everything was only “Light” and there was a Throne so glorious as I had never seen before. Great joy overwhelmed me. Then everything faded away, and I thanked the Lord for this joy which was given to me.


“Our Lord” was still unconsumed on my tongue and “the Light” was still shining over all of us. It stayed till the end of Holy Mass.

February 11, 1975

While the Confession of guilt was said at the beginning of Holy Mass, I saw “the Light” coming over the altar and the priest. It spread slowly over those present.


During the Consecration, at the Elevation of the Sacred Host and the Chalice, I saw these changing into the “Figure of the Lord” all “Light,” dazzling, glorious Light; it is impossible to describe its magnificence and splendour. Then I hear “the Voice” say:


“So I come among you, again and again, you of little faith.” On receiving “Our Lord” I had a heavenly vision and I heard: “Be comforted, I’ll stay with you.”


And now I saw “that brilliant, glorious Figure” again and heard: “Watch what has happened.”


An awful image came before my eyes. I saw a huge dragon lying at the feet of “that Heavenly Figure.” I saw its eyes being plucked out. Next its nails were pulled off. Then its mouth opened and I saw its terrible teeth falling out. All this was lying on the ground in front of me. I saw the dragon writhing, collapsing ex­hausted and being dumped into the depth. And “the Voice” said: “Your power is broken and your strength is finished. Your pride and your boastfulness are trampled down. And you, mighty of the world, take warning by this.”


“The Voice” paused for a moment, then continued: “Be comforted, ye nations, the Lord is with you.

Say ‘the Prayer’ and She will be allowed to be your Advocate. Be faithful.”


All this was very impressive to me: that Greatness, Majesty and Power of the Lord as contrasted with that worthless, monstrous appearance of the dragon.


Then everything slowly disappeared from my sight and I hum­bly thanked the Lord.


“Our Lord” was still unconsumed on my tongue. Holy Mass was about to end, and “the Light” faded away.

May 31, 1975

During Holy Mass, at the Creed, I saw a splendid “Threefold Light” coming and changing into one “Light.” It slowly shone over the priests and the altar and spread slowly over all the people present.


On receiving “Our Lord” I saw a profound, heavenly vision. I heard “the Voice” say:


“Come, follow Me and look.”


It seemed to me that this was not said to me only.


I came into a very large valley. In its centre stood a big grey rock. All at once a rain of dirty, dark dust came down from the sky. It darkened everything so that I could see nothing but dust. I saw that rock had turned into a huge mountain of dust.


All around that mountain the ground was covered with many dead bodies of people dressed in black, and around these were ly­ing corpses of people wearing coloured clothes. At the foot of the rock, I saw the globe in pieces and surrounded by ruins of churches and towers.


A terrible storm with thunder and lightning burst over the whole valley.


From the sky “the Voice” sounded as a call:


“Look, what have they done with My flock?
Death and destruction!
This is My last warning.
Return to the true liturgy.
Take My flocks again to the Sacraments.”


I saw the dome of St. Peter’s towering above all this. Then, without warning, a heavy storm came on, blowing away all the dust of that mountain. Everything was swept away by that storm, only the rock stayed. I felt the storm blowing over me. The valley now grew very beautiful. In its centre was standing a huge radiant rock, so pure and brilliant as if made of crystal. From the heart of the rock, fine crystal-clear water was flowing.


Then, all at once, a rain of fire came down from the sky. The drops of fire penetrated deeply into the earth. Overhead there was all “Light.”


From afar came an enormous flock of sheep with lambs, black ones as well as white ones, which suddenly turned into people of all kinds. At the same time I heard.heavenly music. All was jubilation!

And now I saw the globe entire again.


From heaven a call sounded over the valley:


“Watch well, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth and Love, and She whom I have sent, the Lady, your Mother, is here!”


And I felt deeply moved. Then the vision faded away. Holy Mass was over. I thanked the Lord for so many wonderful things, which I was allowed to receive. After that “the Light” disappeared too.

September 8, 1975

During Holy Mass I saw “the Light” coming at the Offertory. It spread over all those present.

Then my attention was strongly attracted by the painting of “the Lady of All Nations.” And I saw a beautiful “Light” radiating from the Cross through the Lady. It was as if the Lady were alive.

It remained like this till the end of Holy Mass. Then the image regained its usual appearance.

And “the Light” faded away.

October 7, 1975

During Holy Mass “the Light” came over the priest and the altar. Then it spread slowly over all those present. I heard “the Voice” say:


“I am with you.”


“The Light” stayed till the end of Holy Mass.


When I wanted to go to bed on November 5th, I heard call:




I soon fell asleep and I awoke suddenly at exactly a quarter to three.


I heard the call again, but now at a higher and drawn out pitch:




After that I could not get to sleep and I thought: “What does it mean?” I had never heard that word before.


Next day, November 6th, when receiving Holy Communion, I again heard that call, but on an even stronger and more drawn out pitch:



December 8, 1975

At the Offertory during Holy Mass “the Light” came over the altar and the priest.


Afterwards it spread slowly over all those present and stayed there till the end of Holy Mass.

When receiving “Our Lord” I had a heavenly vision. I saw an enormous “Light” from which a large, white, spiritualized Dove appeared. I heard:


“Follow Me.”


The white Dove flew ahead of me until we came to a plain. There the Dove flew up and remained hovering in the sky.


In the centre of that plain stood a church with a spire. From heaven I heard “the Voice” calling:


“Watch, what is happening, My faithful ones.”


Then heaven opened and a big sword came down. The sword cut that church vertically in just two halves.


I saw these two halves widening from one another to become two open parts so that I could look inside. I saw people both in the right and in the left part.


Then, suddenly, letters of a peculiar shape appeared over the left part of the church.
They formed the word “Ephraim,” which I had to pronounce aloud. Over the right part appeared the bust of a Pope, holding two fingers high, and in the background I saw St. Peter’s.

“The Voice” spoke again:




Now I found myself looking through a pane of glass to the left part of that church. Water was running along the pane as if it all turned to water.


“The Voice” said:


“Watch well, it will be watered down.”


Then I saw waves rushing down and the left part of the church was washed away.
The right part of the church was still standing in the plain and changed into a whole church before my eyes. From the sky I saw coming down the image of the Lady holding a Cross and an orb in Her hands. I saw no sheep. This image was hovering around that church. Then, suddenly, the image stopped beside the church, and I saw the whole flock of sheep come trotting along.

Something told me: “They went astray and were dispersed.” I heard “the Voice” calling:


“Listen, it is She who will have to save the world.”


That scene stayed a short time before my eyes and then faded away. “The Light” in the Chapel was still shining.


After the priest’s blessing, it also slowly disappeared.

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