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January 15, 1961

When I went to Holy Communion and the Sacred became alive again on my tongue, I heard the words, “It is I…the living Christ…the Substance…I am present in the Bread, which priests, should distribute among all nations — and the Kingdom of God is in your midst.”

February 26, 1961

Today I experienced the very same things as on January 15th.  Precisely the same words were spoken. In addition, however, at the end, “Pass this on.”

March 25, 1961

At Communion everything proceeded again as related above. The Sacred Host fell as it were in three layers upon my tongue, where they joined into one and became alive. Subsequently, it melted into a delicious water. Then I heard,


“Walk along the way I have shown you.”

“May peace be with you!”


And suddenly everything had gone.


It was childish, I know, but I could not help weeping, as all at once I felt such a dreadful void and loneliness encompass me, exactly as on the occasion of the Lady’s last visit, only much worse.

May 31, 1962

On my way to Holy Communion I saw the light upon the altar. It stayed for a while and then disappeared again.

May 23, 1963

During Holy Communion I heard, not with my ears but interiorly,

“Hold yourself in readiness for May 31st.”

May 31, 1963

After Holy Communion, when I had gone back to my place, the Sacred Host all at once began to move again and I also heard a word (not with my ears). The word was“Transubstantiation…” and upon this the Sacred Host began to be active again on my tongue to a greater extent that ever before. Suddenly I heard, “I wanted to give them another chance.”

After this, I saw (not with my eyes, as formerly) lips with a finger across and I heard,

“Do not tell anybody before it has happened…” Here the voice ceased for a moment, after which I heard, “Montini.”

Then I tasted flows of water and the Sacred Host had gone.

May 31, 1964

While receiving Holy Communion, I heard, “Go and speak with your Bishop.”


I got a shock and said inwardly, “Oh! he won’t believe me in any case!” The voice repeated with urgency, “Go and speak with him.” It sounded like a command. The Sacred Host became active again on my tongue.


Only at the end of Holy Mass it melted away to a delicious liquid.

May 31, 1965

During Holy Communion the Sacred Host became active again on my tongue. I saw a pair of lips with a finger across. The finger made the sign of the Cross at those lips. Then I heard the voice say “Thus it is all right.”


There was a pause and after that I heard, “Go to Pope Paul and tell him in the name of ‘the Lady of All Nations:’


“This is the last warning before the end of the Council. The Church of Rome is in danger of a schism.


“Warn your priests. Let them put a stop to those false theories about the Eucharist, sacraments, doctrine, priesthood, marriage age family-planning. They are being led astray by the spirit of untruth – by Satan — and confused by the ideas of modernism. Divine teaching and laws are valid for all time and newly applicable to every period.


“Keep the primacy in your own hands. Grasp the meaning of ‘ these my words: the Church of Rome must remain the Church of Rome.


“Do what the Lord has demanded of you—in sending Me, the Lady or Mother of All Nations. You are the Pope who has  selected for this work. Let the nations say the prayer before My picture and the Holy Spirit will come! A Church or a people without a Mother is like a body without a soul.


“This period is now coming at an end.”


There followed a pause after which I heard, “Go and take the following message to your Bishop in person: give back to the faith­ful their devotion to ‘the Lady of All Nations’ and grant permission for the building of the church I have shown.”


Then the finger was withdrawn from the lips and the whole vision vanished from my eyes.

Then again I heard, “Listen well and hand this on to your Bishop: the time is now at hand. Tell your pastors to remain united in ‘doctrine.’ —This is the last warning from the Lord.”

There was a pause and then the voice said very slowly and softly,

“The time is now at hand.”


(During the entire communication the Sacred Host remained active on my tongue. A feeling of great sadness came over me and I also noticed that all this was said with emphasis and that the voice sounded very sad.)

May 31, 1966

When I went to Holy Communion, I suddenly saw a light preced­ing me right up to the chalice.


The priest was not standing in the light. When I turned round to go back to my place, the light went ahead of me and stayed around me for a considerable while, until the Sacred Host was consumed.


In the meantime, I was twice given the following impression:

“Thus it is all right.”

June 19, 1966

When I entered the chapel in the Rue du Bac, Paris, a strange emotion came over me, such as I had never before experienced on visiting tiny church. I could not tell what it was, so much did it hold me cap-live. We participated in Holy Mass and I went to Holy Communion. When I got back to my place, the Sacred Host began to move again on my tongue and I quite distinctly heard the voice say (inwardly), “Do you now see the way I wanted? This is why I said, ‘Thus it is all right.’” (I had heard this on May 31, 1966). Then the voice ceased for a moment, after which I heard, “So be it!”


During this message I was deeply moved. The light disappeared only when Holy Mass was over.

May 31, 1967

During Consecration I suddenly saw a light coming from the dial ice. The priest was as if in the shade, standing in the background. When I went to Holy Communion and returned to my place, the Sacred Host began to move on my tongue and I heard the voice of the Lady say, “You have now met the Lord. You will not hear my voice again.

“I have promised to come back in private, for the priests and for the Church. Now I say: priests and religious, return to your true’ (the Lady stressed the word) vocation, to the call of the Lord.

“And to the Church, the Community, I say: take the picture back to the city and the place the Lord has appointed for it. Speak to your Bishop. It is high time!”

Now a terrifyingly evil pressure was laid on me and the kneeler seemed to collapse under my weight. I saw the world lying before me and felt a fearful danger threatening it.—Everything was as black as pitch. I heard the voice say, “This is My last warning to you. I may yet save the world,” Then the voice was silent for a moment, after which it resumed with emphasis, “From now on My words shall cease.”

Then I heard the Lady say a totally foreign word; like an cry it reached my ears. I do not know how to spell it; it seemed Jewish or Hebrew to me, with a very strong guttural sound:

“Hoerach!” or “Gurach!”

I said to myself, “What is this I hear now? What does it mean?” And then the voice said,
“The Spirit will come. The contact will remain.”


And then the light slowly faded away.

May 31, 1968

While I received Holy Communion, I saw the “light” coming again and then all at once I saw a large black Cross standing before me. That Cross moved farther and farther away from me and finally stood still in the distance. Then from the right side a great beam of light fell a-slant upon that Cross.


The beam was so broad and powerful that it rendered the Cross invisible. Afterwards, the light disappeared. I heard no words. A heavenly feeling came over me and I had a strong realization of the Lord’s presence.

May 31, 1969

On that day I was in Paris. In the church in the Rue du Bac I saw the light again while receiving Holy Communion and was given a very realistic perception of the Lord’s presence. Then the following words impressed themselves very strongly upon me, though they were not uttered:

“What began here, will be continued by ‘the Lady of All Na­tions.’”

Then I saw a group of people and it was as if I saw more and more groups appearing with a priest in every group. After all these experiences, the light very slowly faded away.

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