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July 17, 1958

As I was in church this morning and followed the preparations for Holy Mass, something very strange happened to my eyes. I natu­rally had them open, as I was watching the altar. And yet it was as though my eyes suddenly jumped open. I cannot express myself hotter. I also felt it physically.

Then I saw the priest and the altar disappear as in a mist in the background.

A very bright light now appeared before my eyes. In that light I saw three figures linked with each other in a semicircle. These were of extreme whiteness — white fire I would almost call it. It startled me, for I could not look at it. I placed my hands before my eyes and really thought “I am going blind.” Yet interiorly, I was impelled to keep on looking and so I did.

Then something very peculiar took place: the three figures expanded slowly, becoming larger and larger, until they formed in a semi-circle. After this they joined together to form a circle. The centre still appeared as a dark patch.

Subsequently, the figures spread out towards the center. Now only a tiny spot remained dark. Suddenly that spot too was filled, so that all at once a very great sphere of white fire stood before my ‘ yes. I cannot express it otherwise.

I looked at it; all of a sudden I recognized the Sacred Host, such un I had seen it on May 31,1958, but without shafts of rays. I could scarcely look at it and a most peculiar state carne over me.

Thus it stayed before my eyes and I kept gazing. It was while fire — magnificent!

Then it seemed as if the Sacred Host slowly faded away and the High Altar as well as the Lady-Altar were bathed in a beautiful light. That lasted for a moment.

Suddenly, everything appeared again as usual, as it had been when I entered the church. The priest meanwhile had arrived at the Epistle.

March 11, 1959

Immediately after the Credo I saw the altar bathed in an immensely bright light. The priest and the altar retreated into the background and I saw nothing but light. From it emerged, in the air above the altar, three figures, framed by a faint, circular outline, just as I had seen them the year before on July 17th, 1958, in the same place.

Everything now proceeded as then: the light hurt and I thought I would be blinded. My shock was so great that I thought my heart would stop. Again, I saw these three figures expanding until they formed a circle. Then they filled up the central space, leaving only one tiny dark spot.

But now came the difference: suddenly I saw something burst asunder within that dark spot and it was as if I saw in that great shining circle two heavenly, divine Figures (forgive my presumption); and yet it was but one Figure with outspread arms. I kept on seeing two, whereas it was just one. It was something so brilliant and heavenly that I hardly dared look and yet I had to. The figure was floating, I would say, and fully ablaze of light, but I could not see any source of light.

Thus I sat gazing at it. Then it seemed as though something was breaking away from the two Figures and all at once I saw a Dove emerge from one of the hands, wholly of light and cm. rays. On the other side, a Cross appeared at shoulder level. All that remained before me, I do not know for how long.

Then all of a sudden, everything became a ball or circle white fire and I saw — or better still, I thought I saw a shining Sacred Host.

(When I left the church, everything in the street looked dark to me, although the sun was shining and the sky was a radiant blue. My eyes were still paining me from the light. Once again

-    I really did see that with my eyes. And what I felt at that moment, I cannot describe. I was in fear and dread and yet not really

-    simply overawed.) After the vision, the church bore its usual
look again. I saw the priest and the altar as before. Just the bell
rang for Holy Communion.

August 30, 1959

I received Holy Communion and returned to my place. All of a sudden, the Sacred Host began to grow on my tongue, becom­ing larger and thicker. It seemed to expand and then, suddenly, it came alive. Truly! strange though it must sound, I felt it as a living object. It must seem irreverently expressed; yet it may help people to form some idea of it when I say, “It resembled a living fish in its movements.” I wanted to take it out of my mouth in order to see what it was; but of course, reverence prevented me from doing so.


As may be imagined, I got a terrible shock — it was awful! Never having experienced anything alike, I could not make out what was happening to me.


But at the same time a completely different perception arose in me. something so delightful. I may well say, something heavenly.


It was a state such as I had never know. Then suddenly I heard,


“Be not afraid…I am the Lord, your Creator…the Lord Jesus Christ…The Giver of Life.”(The dots indicate a silence.)


“Just as I live in you now, I want to and shall live among all nations.”


After this the Sacred Host began to grow smaller and thinner; it resumed its usual form and I was able to consume it. Subsequently, I did not go to church for a whole week — excepting Sunday, of course — in order to check up on myself. Nothing out of the ordinary took place.

September 9, 1959

However, on September 9th I had the very same experience again and at the end I was told: “Do pass this on.”


Since then, it has not happened again, although I have been In Holy Communion daily.

October 11, 1959

Today, however, October 11, 1959, it was repeated. The same experience, the same extra-ordinary state. Today the words wore, “I am your Lord, your Creator…the Lord Jesus Christ…the Giver of Life…Fear nothing. Through the Will of the Father and the power of the Giver of Life, I shall and will dwell among all nations, just as I now dwell in you…Do understand the Daily Wonder. Do what She, who was sent by Me — ‘the Lady of All Nations’ — has lull! you to do…Pass this on.”

Then the Sacred Host decreased in size; I felt it dissolve on my tongue, becoming smaller and smaller, until nothing solid was left to consume. Only a liquid remained, which had a wonderful kind of taste, not to be compared with anything else.

October 18, 1959

As I walked back from the Communion rails, it seemed as though mull the Sacred Host was no longer on my tongue. Instead, I felt as if flows of water were entering my mouth. They kept streaming, I cannot express it otherwise. It had a very wonderful taste, wholly unknown to us. An exceptional state came over me and I heard, “I am the living Water. Warn My apostles, so that errors in obviated.“

All the while, fresh water seemed to be flowing through my mouth. This lasted for a considerable time.

January 31, 1960

When I had received Holy Communion and was back at my place, it was all at once as though the muscles of my whole body began to pull and contract, which caused me excruciating pains. Suddenly, the sweat of death seemed to settle on my brow. It became ice-cold and I was ready to swoon.

I knew, however, that in reality I was not ill. Strangely enough, I was conscious of that! I remained sitting quietly, holding my hands before my eyes and of a sudden a most wonderful state came over me, such as I had experienced a few times before. It was as though I was being lifted up and floated somewhere. Then for a good while I remained wrapped in a heavenly state ( if I may be permitted to say so).

When everything had gone, the Sacred Host was still unconsumed on my tongue.

March 25, 1960

During Holy Communion the Sacred Host suddenly broke into very small crumbs upon my tongue. All at once I heard, “I am the Seed, which was plunged into Her womb.”

Upon this, the crumbs assumed a delicious taste and became fluid. Then I heard,
“I am the living Water.”

Then I was startled by a violent, burning sensation on my tongue and I heard,
“Fear not. I am the eternal Fire that was kindled in Her womb for all nations.”

Then the Sacred Host dissolved on my tongue.

May 31, 1960

When I went to Holy Communion, I heard, “I am the Lord, your Creator, the Risen Lord, the True Wisdom.”

Then the Sacred Host became alive on my tongue and I heard, “I am the Fish; you are the salt of the earth. I am the living Water.” (At this, flows of fresh water, with an exceptionally delicious taste, began pouring through my mouth.)

“I am the living Manna.” (Now that water changed back into the Sacred Host.)

Then all at once the Sacred Host began to burn so violently on my tongue, that it seemed as if the latter would be consumed by a fire within. I got a shock and heard,“Fear nothing. I am the Fin-that was kindled in the womb of the Lady. You, priests, do not let this fire go out; but carry it with you in your hearts, in your hands and on your lips, so that it may continue to burn and live among all nations. For they must all attain eternal life.

“Pass this on; the signs have been given. Do what the Lady told you to do.”

Thus all at once the Sacred Host was back in its usual form on my tongue; and I consumed it.

One the same day, at 3:15 in the afternoon, I suddenly saw the light on the “Wandelweg”; but after a few minutes it vanished again.

October 30, 1960

When I went to Holy Communion, I felt the Sacred Host fall upon my tongue in three layers. From my palate one host at a time fell on my tongue and became one with the other. When that was oval the Sacred Host became very thick and large again and began to move, as I had experienced several times before.

All at once the Sacred Host dissolved and I tasted flows of delicious water. Then, suddenly, everything had gone. I heard nil words.

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