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The Lady of All Nations Prayer Card

From 1945 to 1959, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in Amsterdam under the title, “The Lady of all Nations.” She warned humanity of impending “degeneration, disasters and war,” as well as the danger of a “world catastrophe.”  As remedy, she asked for conversion, and for more love and justice among humanity. The Lady also revealed a short, strong prayer to her Son, Jesus Christ, for a new descent of the Holy Spirit upon humanity. Ultimately, the Lady of All Nations asked for a fifth Marian dogma of her role as Spiritual Mother of All Peoples, including her three titles of Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, which would grant her greater power of intercession, especially for world peace: “Know well, great threats are hanging over the Church, are hanging over the world.  Now the moment has come for you to speak of Mary as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, under the title of the Lady of all Nations….Once the dogma, the last Marian dogma in history, has been proclaimed, the Lady of All Nations will bring peace, true peace to the world.”           

In 1995, the Vatican approved the local bishop’s request for public veneration of Mary under this title and for the prayer, but later requested a small change in the prayer text. The original clause “who once was Mary” (which refers to the young woman of Nazareth who became the Spiritual Mother of All Peoples), was to be altered to prevent misunderstanding.  In obedience, this has been done.  Presently, most translations use the phrase, “the Blessed Virgin Mary.”  

The Lady of All Nations Prayer Card

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